Tablecraft awarded Silver at the Serious Play Awards

TL;DR: The prototype was awarded...

Tablecraft Wallpaper

Content goes here. Did we attend this event, or is it virtual? What did we gain as a company from this event? What did we gain as Tablecraft from attending this event?

About Tablecraft

'Tablecraft' is Not Suspicious' award-winning VR game. It started out as a simple prototype in 2017 and has since evolved into a product, which remains in development. It's goal is to bring STEM topics into homes and into the classroom in a fun, engaging, and masterful way. Play as The Professor as you run your treehouse laboratory. In there, players have access to machinery that lets them craft stuff out of the atoms and sell their creations to a cast of memorable characters. Featuring silly pets and exciting combat, this mad scientist simulator is a fun and lighthearted way to reignite your love of science!

About Serious Play Conference

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