Devlog: Exploring SDFs in Tablecraft

Hello there, Rahul here.

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with Signed Distance Fields (or SDFs as it’s known to its friends), and that work’s basically culminated in this first devlog. Here I’ll go over what SDFs are, why we’re considering using them, and how they work. Part 2 is mostly going to be our conclusions and whether or not SDFs were used in Tablecraft. And secretly I’m hoping we can pull a hobbit and do a Part 3 (don’t tell anyone).


The story of SDFs and Tablecraft actually begins before I joined the team. You might have noticed how Tablecraft has been changing these past couple months. Rafael and John have been giving the game an entire visual overhaul, exploring what Tablecraft should look and feel like. In this exploration process, Rafael quickly setup the scene with multiple real-time lights so that he could iterate on the look as fast as possible.

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